SOLD SECURE is an independent non-profit organization based in the United Kingdom. Since its establishment in 1992, it has been dedicated to evaluating the security of lock products through manual attack testing, aiming to reduce the likelihood of crime and risks. Its testing and certification are widely applied to various security products, including locks, automotive security devices, and more.

The SOLD SECURE certification includes four security grades, ranging from lowest to highest defense levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Different grades reflect the varying levels of anti-theft performance of the products.

Through rigorous testing processes, the SINOX WL series has been certified to be as solid as a rock.

SOLD SECURE certification typically involves a series of rigorous tests to ensure compliance with relevant safety standards. These tests include assessing the endurance, shear resistance, pry resistance, and prevent demolition of the locks, as well as evaluating the lock core's resistance to picking, drilling, and pulling, among others. These evaluations aim to assess the product's durability.

The SINOX WL series is designed specifically for two-wheeled transportation, offering a variety of options such as folding locks, chain locks, or cable locks. Additionally, it holds patents in the United States, European Union, Germany, China, and Korea. Its features include quick folding and locking capabilities, lightweight and streamlined lock body design, and a range of chain lock patterns to suit various usage scenarios. Moreover, the cable locks offer the option of selecting different cable lengths and compatible storage accessories for added convenience. "SINOX locks, designed specifically for two-wheeled transportation, have received the SOLD SECURE Grade G certification for four consecutive years, ensuring exceptional security against various attack methods. Grade G signifies the highest level of security, providing robust resistance and safeguarding your bicycles, folding bikes, or motorcycles, among other transportation vehicles."

SINOX offers a variety of products that have been certified by Sold Secure.

Both the WL series and WD series from SINOX have continuously received Sold Secure's Grade G certification for four consecutive years. Grade G signifies the highest level of security, indicating excellent resistance to various attack methods. These certified products provide reliable protection for your bicycles, folding bikes, or motorcycles, ensuring their safety and security. Models such as WL6002, WL3001, WL2001, WL3002, and others have undergone this certification. You can click on the model numbers to visit the product pages for more information.


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