History Milestones



  • Achieve TUVNORD - Greenhouse Gases Verification Statement (ISO 14064-1:2018).


  • Achieve ART 2 certification for WL2001 (bicycle folding lock).
  • Achieve ART 3 certification for WL3001 (bicycle U shackle lock).
  • Hold company-wide mountain climbing, photography competitions.
  • Attend first Taipei Cycle Online Show to expand two wheels goods business.
  • RL9002 Universal Locking Station (MacBook) (mass production).
  • KB1002 Portable Lock Box (mass production).
  • PL7001 Fingerprint Padlock (mass production).
  • KB7003 Electronic Lock Box (mass production).
  • KB7002 Bluetooth Lock Box (mass production) / "SUO" APP iOS/Android Online.
  • proimages/about/history/2021-WL2001.jpg proimages/about/history/2021-WL3001.jpg


  • Launch the fifth edition of official company website.
  • Achieve Sold Secure(Silver) certification for WL2001 (bicycle folding lock).
  • Achieve Sold Secure(Gold) certification for WL3001 (bicycle U shackle lock).
  • Achieve Sold Secure(Silver) certification for WL3002 (bicycle U shackle lock).
  • Achieve ART 2, Sold Secure(Silver) certification for WL6002 (bicycle chain lock).
  • Set up SINOX Instagram、Youtube、LinkedIn business page.
  • Honor to won the Enterprise iSport Award in 2020.
  • proimages/about/history/2020-WL2001.jpg proimages/about/history/2020-WL3001.jpg proimages/about/history/2020-WL3002.jpg proimages/about/history/2020-WL6002.jpg


  • Incorporate SINOX SAP, PLM system.
  • New office groundbreaking.
  • The first robot competition.


  • Full production of 3-in-1 computer locks.
  • SINOX celebrates 40th Anniversary.
  • proimages/about/history/2018.jpg 


  • Five-year Innovation Strategy Plan Stimulation Workshop (first edition).
  • Plan 40th anniversary celebrations.
  • Mass production of PL0480 first fingerprint recognition padlock, ZL0751 fingerprint recognition luggage zipper lock, and ZL0752 Bluetooth luggage zipper lock.
  • proimages/about/history/2017-PL0480.jpg



  • KunShan plant passes BSCI certification #358014.
  • Incorporate ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance, establish and verify operational standards.
  • Conduct eKM platform assessment.
  • Develop AL0500 rectangular electronic cabinet lock (silicon keypad, membrane switch; display model).
  • Develop RL Bluetooth computer lock (display model).
  • Develop ZL0751/ZL0752 electronic luggage locks (with fingerprint recognition, Bluetooth).
  • Global sales begin yielding results.


  • Incorporate C-TPAT counter-terrorism system.
  • Incorporate ISO 14001 environmental management system.
  • Expand facilities with two wheel security lock display room, fifth-floor conference room.
  • Expand Chinese domestic cabinet lock market.
  • Establish PAW brand for domestic Chinese market.
  • Hold cross-strait luggage design competition.
  • KunShan plant administrative building and plant merged following remodeling.
  • Receive new High Tech Industry certification (China).
  • Develop RL NFC computer lock (display model).
  • ZL0750 Bluetooth luggage zipper lock (mass production of Bluesmart).
  • Conduct SIEM fact-finding mission in Japan (attend expo, conduct market survey).
  • proimages/about/history/2015-ZL0750.jpg



  • Attend first Eurobike trade show in Germany.
  • Launch new children’s bicycle lock and folding lock series.
  • Begin implementation of new BPM (Business Process Management) system.
  • Obtain Sold Secure (gold standard) certification for WL0892 (bicycle U shackle lock).
  • Activate electric luggage lock development project.
  • SEDEX ethical business practices membership accepted.


  • Launch fourth edition of official company website.
  • Attend first ISPO Munich trade show to expand sporting goods business.
  • Second factory (TS2) at Chien-1 Rd., Chung-Ho City, begins operation.
  • Plan new BPM (Business Process Management) system.
  • Hold company-wide photography competition.
  • Achieve SSF certification for WD0125 (bicycle U shackle lock).
  • proimages/about/history/2013-WD0125-SSF.jpg


  • Partner with prominent US-based computer manufacturer; achieve significant computer lock sales growth.
  • Implement PM standard.
  • Attend first MIFF (Malaysian International Furniture Fair) trade show.
  • Attend first CIFM / interzum guangzhou woodworking machinery, furniture production and interior design trade show.
  • Begin mass production of RL0901, the first tablet computer lock.
  • Launch new iPad/tablet lock series.
  • Achieve ART certification for WD0125 (bicycle U shackle lock).
  • proimages/about/history/2012-RL0901.jpg proimages/about/history/2012-WD0125-ART.jpg


  • Establish cooperative partnership with prominent US-based notebook security lock manufacture for further joint development of computer security products.
  • WL0798 named German reddot design award winner 2011.
  • Expand SIE to SIEM.
  • Establish PM structure (Product Planning Department).
  • Set up SINOX Facebook business page.
  • Complete Info Center.
  • proimages/about/history/2011-WL0798.jpg


  • SINOX Taiwan resumes staff expansion of Assembly Department to fill increasing orders.
  • COMPUTEX TAIPEI d&i awards 2010 awarded to RL0552, RL0647/RL0643.
  • Achieve automated lock hook production at Kunox Company Limited.
  • 2010 IDA Congress Taipei International Design Alliance Recognition awarded to PL0567, PL0383, RL0552, RL0675.
  • Receive government grant: CITD (Conventional Industry Technical Development) Program.
  • Incorporate SINOX Info Center.
  • proimages/about/history/2010-RL0552.jpg


  • Develop auto reset mechanism (AL236) for use in closet / cabinet locks.
  • Actively expand two wheel security lock production line and market. Establish development partnerships with prominent bicycle componentry brands.
  • Set up Kunox Company Limited; plan production of wafer, tubular pin, pin tumbler lock (YALE/KABA) and disc cylinders.
  • Set up Kunox Company Limited.


2008 Integration

  • Restructure Kunox Company Limited's internal organization to streamline production and assembly operations.
  • Augment Kunox Company Limited operations with luggage trolley factory and sales department.
  • Incorporate trading company under the name "Kunox Co., Ltd.".
  • Complete R&D of the PL0997 push-button type lock box.
  • Kunox Company Limited Manufacturing Division Building completed, accommodate expanded die casting injection, tooling and steel cable coating capacity.
  • SINOX celebrates 30th Anniversary.
  • proimages/about/history/2008-PL0997.jpg

2007 Streamlining

  • Kunox Company Limited expands Production Department, enlarges employees' dormitory, establishes Plant II.
  • Establish new Market Development Section.
  • Set up Representative Office in Southern China.
  • Develop and operate Mainland China market.
  • Establish R&D and marketing collaboration with prominent brands YALE / ASSA ABLOY.
  • Undertake downsizing of SINOX Taiwan's Assembly Department.
  • Expand R&D of AL series closet / cabinet locks.
  • Cost down by 20%.

2006 Expansion

  • Launch i-Box series products RL0986/RL0987 launched, fearturing innovative designs.
  • Complete R&D for AL0207 and AL0208 closet / cabinet locks.
  • Complete R&D on SL0162, SL0163 and SL0169 shoulder strap locks.
  • Kunox Company Limited achieves stable mass production, record-high sales.
  • Kunox Company Limited sets up Parts Production Department with die casting, stamping, injection and tooling capability.
  • SINOX Taiwan expands Business Department - with Leather Goods / Hardware / Computers sub-departments.
  • SINOX Taiwan office moves to fifth floor of current location for better interaction and efficiency following expansion of R&D and Business Departments.
  • proimages/about/history/2006-AL0207.jpg proimages/about/history/2006-AL0208.jpg



  • Mass production at SINOX China ramps up; export shipments gradually increase.
  • Complete R&D for the AL0215, the first trailer lock.
  • Complete R&D for the ZL0577 and ZL0578. Establish partnership with German luxury luggage brand Rimowa.
  • Conduct feasibility assessment of Mainland China domestic market.
  • proimages/about/history/2005-AL0215.jpg


  • SINOX ERP online, implement personnel training.
  • Full efforts directed towards Kunox Company Limited’s operation (transfer of client orders), Kunox Company Limited ERP operational.
  • Relocate major tooling and machinery to China.
  • Collaborate with Nike to develop outdoor carabiner lock, PL0166.
  • Produce WL0711, the first combination brake lock.
  • Complete R&D and production of TSA airport lock series.
  • proimages/about/history/2004-PL0166.jpg



  • Complete Kunox Company Limited manufacturing plant construction in Zhangpu Town, KunShan; complete pre-production operations and personnel arrangements.
  • Move molds / products / materials to China factory.
  • Conduct ERP assessment.
  • R&D, production and delivery of TSA locks: PL0396, the first TSA-approved padlock and ZL0590, the first TSA-approved zipper lock.
  • proimages/about/history/2003-ZL0590.jpg



  • Undertake full evaluation of ERP / paperless office.
  • Continue progress with KunShan plant setup and related tasks.
  • Conduct staff training and manpower inventory for staffing Mainland China operations.
  • Granted ISO 9000 standards of operation, implement quality control policy.
  • Continued reverberation felt worldwide from 9/11 attacks in US.
  • Conduct extensive R&D on computer locks and zipper locks.


  • Consolidate factory and office facilities: Consideration → Verification → Execution.
  • Integrate company structure, simplify operational procedures.
  • Purchase land in KunShan, China. Plan for move of personnel to KunShan, outside Shanghai; incorporate ISO 9000 certification procedures.
  • "SINOX 20th Anniversary" publication recognized for Excellent Graphic Design Publication.
  • Introduce RL508, the first computer security key lock.
  • 9/11 terror attacks in New York City and Washington, DC.
  • proimages/about/history/2001-RL0508.jpg


  • Receive Golden Cauldron Award for Top 10 Outstanding Enterprises of the New Century in the ROC.
  • Awarded Little Giant Award from the third Small and Medium Enterprises Administration (SMEA).
  • Company administration is fully computerized.
  • Excellent Product Design awarded to RL0761, laptop computer alarm lock.
  • Company undertakes feasibility evaluation of expanding production to Mainland China.
  • Conduct in-depth assessment of future company operations models.



  • Named Model Company by Small and Medium Enterprises Administration (SMEA).
  • Relocate to newly purchased office in An-Tun International Building at An-Ho Rd., Taipei.
  • Old plant capacity is consolidated into newly purchased factory at Chung Shan Industrial Town, Chien-1 Rd., Chung-Ho city (current location); major management adjustments effected throughout all production units to facilitate efficient operation.


  • Company enlists Ever-Trust Management Consulting to conduct full operational assessment with particular attention to soundness of operations flow; all operations are written down and recorded.
  • Develop RL0501, laptop computer combination cable lock and AL0100, first gun lock.
  • SINOX celebrates 20th Anniversary.


  • Set new sales record, at the same time becoming increasingly aware of overlooked internal management issues and related structure. Resolve to promote computerization and incorporate Hekang management system to update established staff operations approach; conduct personnel organizational adjustment, setup new department to coordinate with company operation according to true division of labor for greater efficiency.
  • Obtain US patent for Strap Lock SL0938.



  • Dramatic growth in sales; encourage R&D and innovation.
  • SINOX’s international reputation steadily solidified.
  • Begin development of new generation of bicycle locks.
  • Obtain US design patent for PL0363/PL0373.
  • Introduce PL0977 combination lock box.
  • proimages/about/history/1996-PL0977.jpg


  • At customers' request, add alarm function to retractable cable lock; mark entry into laptop computer security field; develop RL0761 & RL0801, alarm-type retractable cable locks.
  • Develop the SL0938, a new strap combination lock.
  • Establish research scholarship at National Cheng Kung University.


  • Develop PL0363, a "window" type combination padlock, taking on the US variable combination lock market.
  • Establish cooperative relationship with Master Lock.
  • Additional expansion of factory (Plant III) at Chien-3 Rd, Chung-Ho City.
  • proimages/about/history/1994-PL0363.jpg


  • Breakthroughs in marketing approaches include improved catalogue layouts, advertisements and exhibitions to attract customers. Exhibit at US Interbike Show for the first time.
  • Obtain US patent for WL633, subsequently widely imitated by manufacturers in Taiwan and China for its distinctive appearance.
  • proimages/about/history/1993-WL0633.jpg


  • Expand R&D sphere, setting R&D as the main direction of operation. Collaborate with Samsonite to develop first fixed zipper lock, ZL0558, which starts global trend of using zipper locks for soft luggage.
  • Begin exhibiting at overseas trade exhibitions (IFMA Germany).
  • proimages/about/history/1992-ZL0558.jpg


  • Relocate to newly purchased office at National Building on An-Ho Rd., Taipei. Further expand US market for travel goods and gifts; develop PL0860, four-dial combination lock.
  • Consecutively developed the SL0936 luggage strap combination lock and folder lock for Samsonite.
  • proimages/about/history/1991-SL0936.jpg


  • Collaborate with Kryptonite to reach the US bicycle market; adjust marketing strategy, strengthening product and packaging appearance to enhance company image.
  • Concentrate efforts towards developing the bicycle lock market.
  • Business expansion necessitates purchase of second factory site (Plant II) at Chien-6 Rd., Chung-Ho City.
  • Obtain US patent for TL0960.


  • Accumulation of experience establishes a solid foundation for growth, launching SINOX into the bicycle market. Soon thereafter we develop the WL0430/WL0630, the world’s first resettable combination bicycle lock.
  • proimages/about/history/1989-WL0430WL0630.jpg



  • More positive emphasis on R&D; strengthen collaboration with major European factories.
  • Develop the PL0660 (Delsey), the first flat-dial type combination padlock in the world which subsequently facilitates entry of this type of padlock into the gift and travel markets.
  • Develop the TL0960 retractable cable lock, the first of its kind to feature a resettable combination function; followed by the innovative TL0955, TL0983 and TL956 models.
  • proimages/about/history/1988-PL0660.jpg


  • Develop the resettable 3-dial combination PL0311 padlock, which paves the way for SINOX to enter the hardware security arena and lead to worldwide popularization of combination padlocks. Over a hundred models of various sizes and shapes have been made, and remain one of the top selling series today.
  • proimages/about/history/1987-PL0311.jpg


  • Set up R&D-driven operation guidelines. Establish cooperative relationships with famous luggage makers Samsonite and Delsey. Develop first zipper lock, ZL0700.
  • proimages/about/history/1986-ZL0700.jpg


  • Seek collaborative relationships with dominant global hardware and luggage manufacturers. Establish long-term cooperative relationship with Katsura of Japan.


  • Mass production of central combination lock XL series. Develop PL0111, our first combination padlock, and change stereotypical image of padlocks for luggage.
  • proimages/about/history/1984-PL0111.jpg


  • Purchase site and build factory (Plant I) at Ping-ho Rd., Chung-Ho City; develop XL0101, company’s first central resettable combination lock for hardside luggage.
  • proimages/about/history/1983-XL0101.jpg


  • Conduct fact-finding visits to overseas markets, and solidify export-oriented operational strategy.

NASCENT PERIOD (1978-1981)


  • Begin submitting applications for Taiwan and overseas patents; complete first company move to new location at Aiqun Towers.


  • Obtain overseas customers and begin limited volume of exports to Southeast Asia and Europe;obtain Taiwan patent for CL product series.


  • Obtain Taiwan patent for 007-type attaché case combo lock, CL2000 series - SINOX’s first patented product.
  • proimages/about/history/1979-CL2000.jpg


  • Establish SINOX Co., Ltd., commence manufacturing combination locks.
  • proimages/about/history/1978.jpg

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