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Cai Wanchun Granddaughter Started from the Switchboard Eight Years Ago! 2024-04-23
Her mother is the daughter of Taiwan's wealthy Tsai family, and her father is from the Lin family in Wufeng, Taichung. Before the age of 24, Stephanie Lin was like a princess in a castle. What things made her grow up so fast?
Locking Innovation at SINOX 2024-03-26
For many, a lock serves merely as a means to safeguard valuable possessions. Yet, for everyone at SINOX, a lock is more than just a security device; it possesses a spiritual quality, capable of emitting a soothing melody that purifies the soul.
Sinox: Global Lock King 2024-03-22
The World Comes To us For Lock
Taiwanese gangsters fight against giants 2024-03-13
In the past, traditional industries relied on counterfeiting and low prices to become number one in the world. Today's traditional industries rely on patents and disruptive innovation to create higher entry barriers for new entrants and continue to build the world's number one. It is said that the new generation will have doctors in aerospace, chemical engineering, and chess players... Even if they do not set up factories in China, they will...


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