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Established in 1978 by a team of aerospace engineers, Sinox has since grown into a renowned security lock manufacturer distinguished for its innovative design, and manufacturing of quality products. Over 45 years of experience supported by a team of 50 designers and engineers, our products have won much acclaim among our global clients.

When Sinox founder and Chairman, Dr. C.K. Ling, left his job at NASA in the United States and returned to Taiwan, he founded a combination lock business based on the values of innovation, integrity, and service, helping clients to control costs, quality, and delivery deadlines, taking a conventional industry to the global commerce stage and moving towards sustainable operation.

Dr. Ling’s ideal lock is a long-lasting product; locks will be necessary as long as there is a need for security and protection in this world. Under his direction, the team has been dedicated to mechanized production processing quality, never wavering in the belief that machinery is the mother of industry. No matter how technology, trends, and design aesthetics change, manufacturing strong, durable combination locks is Sinox’s enduring faith, which has been handed down to the next generation.

Amidst the ups and downs over the first 40 years of Sinox’s formative history the company has inevitably found ways to innovate and break new ground. Not long after founding the company, Dr. Ling invented the CL-2000, a resettable luggage combination lock, establishing the company’s foundation on innovative luggage locks. Business volume has grown steadily in the new millennium on the strength of diversified innovation, taking on key storage locks, bike locks, cabinet locks, and computer locks. Over the last decade, Sinox’s disruptive innovation has taken on areas the market never dared to touch, coupling innovation with outstanding design strength to develop patented industry-leading products, launching new applications for combination locks, and setting the stage for sustainable corporate operation.

Sinox has always made partnerships with suppliers an important component of our operational philosophy. We are confident that Sinox’s product line across broad categories and engineering support for quality assurance can satisfy customers’ needs(ODM、OEM) across different fields and help them quickly reach new markets to expand commercial opportunities together.

Our young management team carries the company founder’s philosophy and approach forward, maintaining outstanding corporate cultural DNA, focus on product quality, robust partnerships, safeguarding customer rights and privileges, steady sales growth, and attracting top talent. Time and again our strong competitiveness and determination to stride ahead have prevailed over every challenge the market sends our way.



Sinox places top priority on customer service, seeing to every detail in product development, design, and production in line with consumer(OEM, ODM) and market needs. Excellent design capacities and production quality combined with joint cooperation and marketing with major international manufacturers facilitates the placement of products in vital sales and distribution channels across Europe and America. This is why “Unlock the Possibilities With SINOX” is our service motto.

With production facilities in Taiwan ,China and Vietnam, Sinox products span fields from leather goods and travelware, to computer peripherals, outdoor sports, bicycles, and cabinets to satisfy the market’s needs for combination locks. Today’s customers expect us to deliver on eco-friendly production processes, high quality products, and stable supply, and our complete R&D and production lines at home in Taiwan are fully equipped to satisfy and exceed high-end customers’ expectations.

Having long deployed overseas, the Sinox production base in China is equipped to perform processes such as die casting, injection, molding, steel wire covering, and stamping. Continuous expansion of production capacity further enables Sinox to provide customers and suppliers with ever more comprehensive, proficient service.

Sinox believes strongly in diversified deployment. More importantly, we believe in developing new concepts and new markets, and that service is the front-end value of research and development. As Company Executive Director of the Board Renny T. Ling confidently asserts, “We place a great deal of emphasis on customer communications, and are equipped with the methods and concepts for developing new industry-leading products -- from Customs locks to key storage locks and computer locks.” As Harvard business professor Clayton Christensen stresses with his “theory of jobs to be done,” innovation does not just require knowing about customers’ needs, but further having a full understanding of what functions the products customers choose perform. In other words, how customers use products, and under what circumstances, as the underpinnings for innovation. Listening to our customers is a vital force driving Sinox’s constant innovation, and for achieving refinements and breakthroughs for existing product functions and uses. This is precisely how we took bicycle locks to the next level.

Treating service as a primary driver has been key to Sinox running a fun, lively, profitable and creative business in a conventional industry, injecting new vitality into the combination lock field.


Our Vision

  1. Complete the transformation from conventional manufacturing industry to a Total Security Solution Provider.
  2. Development and production of future products, such as electronic locks.
  3. Leverage complete product line to promote “one-stop shop” concept.
  4. Development of emerging markets and e-commerce (PAW).
  5. Implement Key Talents Development Plan.

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