Locks have ridden the digital tide to make the transition from conventional mechanical structure to electronics integrated with mobile phones, tablet computers and even security systems, providing tighter security protection.

SINOX is actively working to build strategic alliances with the electronics, information and high tech industries to bolster the capacity for electrical integration upon which to lead all comers by developing locks with high added-value products with “smart” electronic functions. Features like fingerprint recognition access locks and Bluetooth padlocks further augment the range of existing products.

In the past ten years, Sinox has been committed to combining innovation with outstanding design capabilities, developing industry-leading patented products, and launching new applications for electronic code locks. At the same time, Sinox has accumulated a wide range of product lines and excellent quality assurance and has successfully met all customer's needs in different fields. We are their indispensable OEM/ODM smart lock supplier to jointly expand business opportunities.

If you have any needs or questions about the development of electronic locks, please write to us. And we will reply to you as soon as possible.


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