SINOX conducted an extensive look at the appearance and style of European cabinet locks, as well as Japanese lock cylinder structures. This was supplemented by a survey of the different habits and manners in which combinations are adjusted in Japan and Europe, in the effort to design combination mechanisms for different combination dials for different markets.

Since the products had varied functionality, the connectors on the back could be freely swapped for placement in drawers, dressers, file cabinets, or cabinets with doors, and could be used in different environments and scenarios, such as schools, health clubs, offices, or homes, so our cabinet lock series can satisfy the demands of many different customers.

Whether your cabinet project is for indoor or outdoor, private or public cabinet applications, Sinox always supplies a proper locking solution for storage cabinets, office cabinets, transparent cabinet, glass cabinet and so on. Just feel free to contact Sinox service team.


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