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Less is more -- SINOX Eco-Friendly Lock Product Line

SINOX Green Lock Product Line

Protect the pure earth

SINOX has always been committed to reducing carbon emissions, saving resources, and protecting the ecosystem. In 2023, we introduced the concept of subtraction and applied it to the development of our green lock products.

A small lock originally only had the task of protecting assets. We infuse our conservation beliefs into our green locks and are actively committed to leaving a beautiful environment for the next generation.

SINOX Green Locks Made with PCR: Harmonizing with Nature

PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled material) refers to plastic that has been recycled after consumer use. These plastics typically come from various everyday items such as food containers, beverage bottles, shampoo bottles, water bottles, and laundry detergent containers. After being collected, processed, and converted into recycled plastic pellets, they are used to manufacture new packaging materials, furniture, building materials, and more.

Typically, locks are composed of various materials and parts, including metals and plastics. Using PCR materials is just the first step for SINOX towards achieving a fully green product line.

We use PCR materials in parts of our locks such as the casing, shackle, knob, and lock cover. This not only allows for the optimal use of recycled plastics but also ensures that when the locks are damaged, the plastic components can re-enter the recycling system, gradually achieving harmony and integration with nature.

Every Green Lock Has an Everlasting Story

Each green lock made from PCR materials has its own unique journey within the long path of green recycling.

We respect and discover the beauty of green locks and share it with you:

1. Reducing Product Carbon Footprin:
SINOX's green locks start reducing carbon emissions right from the selection of materials. For example, the green lock model PL0383 can reduce related carbon emissions by 68% compared to locks made entirely from new materials. This way, from the company to the consumer, we are working towards a low-carbon future.

2. Recyclable and Renewable:
Lock products are often difficult to recycle, ultimately ending up discarded, buried, or incinerated, which harms the environment. Green locks without additives or special treatments can have their PCR components enter the recycling system and be regenerated.

3. Natural Original Color:
Since PCR comes from used household plastics, different batches of green products may have slight color variations and cannot meet completely uniform industrial standards. The unique feature of green locks is that each slight color difference tells a story of endless recycling and renewal.

SINOX PCR green locks are only for you who protect us together

Tablet lock RL0913: This lock is made from 70% PCR material, with the lock housing, bottom cover, shackle, shackle cover and shackle plate all made from recycled materials.

RL0913 : Sinox Tablet lock made by PCR material

Two wheel cable lock WL0654
The lock is made of 85% PCR material, the lock shell cover and shackle cover are made of recycled materials, and advocates green recycling.

Sinox WL0654 Double Loop Cable Lock made of 85% PCR material

Retractable cable lock TL0981, TL0956:
Made from 85% PCR material, these locks feature a sizable lock shell that makes efficient use of recycled materials.

proimages/TL0981, TL0956 : Sinox Eco-friendly Green Lock Series/ESG_Activity/greenlock/TL0981.956.jpg

Cabinet combination lock AL0204, AL0320:
Cabinet locks use a lot of plastic. These locks are made from 70% PCR material, with the lock body, panel, bottom cover, knob, positioning plate and plug all using recycled plastic, greatly reducing reliance on virgin plastic.

AL0204, AL0320 : Sinox Eco-friendly Cabinet Lock made of 70% PCR material

TSA Customs Padlock PL0383
 Made from 85% PCR material, mainly recycled materials replace the lock shell. PL0383’s carbon footprint is reduced by 68%, significantly reducing carbon emissions.

PL0383 : Sinox Eco-friendly TSA Padlock made of 85% PCR material

SINOX’s green action reduces design but maintains quality

Quality control is crucial for locks made from PCR materials. It is important to ensure that they do not contain harmful residues and comply with relevant safety standards and regulations. SINOX always maintains strict requirements for locks, not only pursuing excellent quality, but also pursuing reliable safety. Therefore, we strictly monitor the ratio of PCR materials, supervise the production process, and implement strict quality assurance measures. Through rigorous laboratory testing, we ensure that our green locks match new material products in terms of durability, performance and sturdiness.

SINOX’s green action reduces design but maintains quality

With these innovations, SINOX not only addresses the rising demand for sustainable products but also provides practical and secure solutions for everyday use.

Craftsmen Protecting a Green World for the Next Generation

Under the goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, SINOX is gradually realizing fully green products. In addition to PCR materials, we are exploring the use of recycled aluminum to further extend sustainable practices to more products.

In the future, we will continue to seek out more sustainable materials, aiming not only to provide high-quality products but also to embody the principles of environmental sustainability in every step. Our goal is to reduce the burden and harm to the Earth. We look forward to creating a beautiful green world together with you.


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