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E-bike Security Solution

The Synlox system is an advanced E-bike security solution, shifting the focus from consumers purchasing additional locks to reinforce security, to having a built-in anti-theft mechanism from the factory. This disrupts the application industry of locks, aiming to provide comprehensive protection for the next generation of E-bikes.

Everywhere Protected, Your Journey Secured.

The system considers various safety items for the multiple applications of E-bikes, launching a series of supports such as frame lock, battery locks, and kickstand locks that are compatible with CANbus. This brings pedal-assisted electric bicycles into a new era of mobile transportation, gradually advancing towards the IoT.

From Urban to Rural

Multiple E-Bike Models Compatible with Synlox System
Synlox offers a versatile E-Bike security system for global electric vehicle brands. Whether on bustling city streets or tranquil rural paths, Synlox provides reliable protection for branded vehicles. From urban areas to the countryside, Synlox is highly customizable to accommodate various models.

eCity Bike

eTrekking Bike

eMountain Bike

eRoad Bike

eGravel Bike

eCargo Bike

Advanced Security System Designed for E-Bike

Beyond traditional hardware locks, Synlox offers the most convenient and comfortable way to protect electric bicycles through CANbus communication. With the Synlox system, electric bicycles will no longer need to change models due to locking issues or be limited to using traditional locks only. The frame lock, battery lock, kickstand lock, and other components in the system can be compatible with smartphone unlocking features according to the brand's needs, allowing users of electric bicycles to enjoy the pleasure of riding.

Incubating Innovation, Steadfast in Progress

Synlox is a cutting-edge application technology launched by the SINOX Group. In terms of innovation, SINOX is committed to maintaining passion and dedication, creating a better world of locks. Electric bicycle brand manufacturers are sincerely invited to explore the new advancements that the Synlox system brings to electric bicycle safety.

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