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Sinox Miracle: Sustainable Robotics Competition 2024-05-28
In 2019, we launched the "ESG-Sustainable Robotics" competition. Centered around "scrap components," the competition encourages employees to unleash their creativity and create unique robots using these discarded parts.
How to Choose the Best Sustainable Cabinet Lock for B2B Enterprises? 2024-05-21
SINOX is committed to providing the most eco-friendly cabinet locks for businesses.
Discarded plastic is turning into the guardian of your bicycle - WL0654 2024-05-14
Global warming, climate change, and greenhouse gas emissions have become focal points of international concern! Have you all felt the changes in the surrounding environment…
How can we improve these adverse factors to slow down the rate of global warming?
What is a Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace? Which companies have been awarded the Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace? 2024-05-07
Sinox 2024 has been proved to be qualified for accreditation badge for a health workplace.
What is PCR material? Is a lock made of PCR material safe? 2024-04-30
We will introduce what PCR materials are and their applications in lock manufacturing.
SINOX Responds to International Earth Day 2024-04-22
Every year on April 22nd, the world celebrates Earth Day. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness about environmental protection and inspire people to take action to protect our planet.
Sinox Green Product: PL0383 TSA Padlock 2024-04-16
The newly launched PL0383 TSA Customs Lock is a step towards sustainable development.
Why does SINOX prioritize ESG? 2024-04-09
SINOX firmly believes that business operations are not just about pursuing economic benefits, but should also emanate from an inner sense of assurance.
SINOX: Moving Forward with Green Products, Firmly Embracing ESG Actions with Retractable Cable Locks 2024-03-28
SINOX actively engages in the development and application of green technology with its innovative green products TL0956 and TL0981, leading the new trend of ESG actions.
KUNOX CO., LTD : Compassionate actions warm the hearts of the elderly. 2024-03-26
Over the past year, Sinox has actively participated in various social care activities such as beach clean-ups, providing health check-ups, educational training, and more. This time, we have chosen to engage with the elderly in the community as the starting point for our social involvement this year. Why did we choose to prioritize caring for the elderly in the community?
Sinox responds to Earth Hour 2024-03-21
Earth Hour, is a global environmental event initiated by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).It takes place every year on the last Saturday of March.
Sinox 2024 Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace 2024-02-27
Sinox 2024 has been proved to be qualified for accreditation badge for a health workplace.


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