Indoor Security Applications

Sinox is Taiwan security developer & manufacturer. Whether it's to secure indoor equipment, computer and cabinets, or simply having greater control over access to buildings and restricted areas, Sinox Locks provides unmatched security, simplicity and accountability.

We have 6 major product categories (Sports & Outdoor, Office NB & 3C , Two Wheel, Traveling & Luggage, Hardware, Cabinets Security), and covering a variety of situation. The usual indoor situation as below, but lock is multi-purpose. Over 44 years of experience, some of clients will create their own way to use. The new way usually fantastic.

If you did not found what you would like, we have the best R&D team(ODM,OEM), which can design a suitable security solution (lock) for you, and manufacture it. Welcome to contact us.

1. Consumer Electronics Security Lock

Know your belongings (computer, mac, notebook, tablet, ipad) are safe in exhibition, office, coffee shop…etc.

※ Protection solution:Tablet LocksComputer Lock

Sinox Security Locks for Consumer Electronics

2. Cabinet Security Lock

Know your belongings are safe at gym, swimming pool, school, dormitory, internet data centre (IDC), house, office and access to rooms or restricted areas for second hand car selling, real estate sales, house care, cleaning service repair and remodeling contractor use.

※ Protection Solution:Cabinet Lock

Sinox Cabinet Security Locking Solution

3. Indoor Security Lock (Door Lock / Tool Cabinet)

Know your indoor belongings are safe.

※ Protection solution:Portable Lock Box, E-lock

Indoor Security Locks

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