SINOX heads into our fortieth year having undergone significant transformation over the last decade. As it happens, risk and opportunity usually travel together, and in the international trade environment such threats as the global economic crisis and European debt crisis emerged one after the other. And as the lock industry in different countries ceased production and development, SINOX saw light breaking through the clouds of darkness and took aggressive steps to expand our market. We have total security lock solutions and OEM, ODM services. If you have any other questions, please fill in the questions on the contact form. After receiving your message, we will reply you as soon as possible.

Item File Name Description Download
1. Sinox - Total Security Lock Solution Catalogue

Total Security Lock Solution

2. Sinox - Computer Lock Catalogue

Universal Lock / Computer Lock(Standard Slot, Wedge-Shaped Slot, Nano Slot)/ Tablet Lock / Universal Locking Stand

3. Sinox - Two Wheel Lock Catalogue

U-Lock / Folding Lock / Chain Lock / Cable Lock / Double Loop Lock / Multi-Use Cable Lock / Security Lock Box / Alarm Lock

4. Sinox - Sports & Outdoor Catalogue

Retractable Cable Locks / Lock Boxes & Safes / Versatile Cable Locks / Portable Safes / Padlocks

5. Sinox - Hardware Lock Catalogue

e-Lock / Lock Boxes & Safes / Portable Lock Box Safe / Padlock / Gun Lock

6. Sinox - Cabinet Lock Catalogue

Cabinet Lock / Combination Cam Lock / Electronic Cabinet Lock / Accessories

7. Sinox 40 Anniversary

A New Milestone / PDF

8. Sinox 30 Anniversary

Sinox at 30 / PDF



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