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CANbus Security Systems
Product Description


SINOX Locking KickstandTM is a milestone in security development. For an electronic lock of this size, it provides the most convenient and comfortable way to secure E-Bike with the most advanced technology. With SINOX Locking KickstandTM, E-Bike will no longer require changing its elegance and style or using conventional locks and accessible with smartphones. Kick back and enjoy the ride with SINOX Locking KickstandTM.


  • Advanced Security System Designed for E-bike
  • Smart E-Based Anti-Thief Solution
  • The most secure and convenient locking solution for bikes
  • Advanced featured specially designed for E-bike
  • Simple Kick-Down Security
  • Simple Hand Free Operation
  • Applicable to all makes of bikes especially for e-bike
  • Arrived at destination stabilized the bike with its kickstand and the ebike will be secured and stay alerted



  • Controller: CAN bus
  • Power Source: E-Bike battery
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Dimensions: (L) 116 x (W) 53 x (D) 45 mm
  • Power Cable Length: 800 mm
  • Material: Aluminum alloy


  • Type: Rear-mounted single kickstand
  • Diameter: 18mm
  • Fits: 24" – 29"
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Bolts: 2 units of M6 screw bolts


E-Bike Locking KickstandTM


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