Beginning in 2006 SINOX had the opportunity to work with several major global manufacturers to jointly develop and manufacture certified locks. After becoming familiar with the testing requirements, conditions and intensity of various certification agencies, our SIEM team formed a special product group headed by the business owner. The certification of numerous products for export has demonstrated the excellent stability of our design and production quality, and shown that SINOX has earned a prominent position in the certified lock market.


Long a strong proponent of employee welfare, environmental protection, and social responsibility, SINOX applied for official certification to the Suppliers Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) in 2008.
SINOX subsequently passed the Members Ethical Trade Audits conducted by SEDEX, confirming SINOX’s operation in accordance with labor standards and practices, and our attention to good working conditions.

The Transportation Security Asministrator(TSA) now screens 100% for all checked baggage at over 400 airports in the United States after 911 terrorist attacks in year 2001.
And passengers are advised that if their baggage needs to be opened for inspection and if the baggage is locked. The TSA will break the locks and baggage if necessary. So passengers have been asked to UNLOCK their baggage though over 90% believe locks are a deterrent to pilferage.
All passengers are requested to use a TSA-recognized lock or leave your baggage unlocked to avoid having our lock broken if physical inspection is required.

European Testing Agencies

In Europe, independent testing agencies put locks through their paces to see how secure they really are, or in some cases are not. SINOX extends its product line and holds approvals at ART, experienced in OEM product to pass Classe SRA (FRA), SSF (Sweden).

Product Security

The ART foundation has the aim to increase the level of anti-theft prevention of two-wheeled vehicles (bicycles, mopeds, scooters and motor cycles). Anti-theft prevention of two-wheeled vehicles can be promoted by influencing social behaviour, registration and tracing, guarded shelters and anti-theft provisions.

SBSC's goal is to provide its customers with a strong competitive advantage that will promote their businesses both in a Swedish and in an international perspective through the certificates it grants.


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