3-in-1 Laptop Security Lock - RL5004 / RL5005 / RL6003

Fit with nearly all notebooks, desktops, monitors, projectors, and devices built with a security slot.

Combination Lock

  • RL5005 : 4-digit pre-set code combination
  • RL5004 : 4-digit resettable function, reach to 10,000 combinations

Key Lock

  • RL6003:
    - Patented Push-to-Lock function (easy and user-friendly operation)
    - MK system available

Universal Solutions (3 interchangeable lock heads)

  • 3 x 7 mm (Standard Slot)
  • 3.2 x 4.5 mm (Wedge Slot)
  • 2.5 x 6 mm (Nano Slot)


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